Calling BS on the Big N

So, Nintendo apparently blew the doors off E3 with the announcement of it’s newest home console, the Wii U.

Now, however, it seems they may be eating sh**.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime apparently spilled the beans that none of the footage shown was running on their hardware, and had instead been pulled together from PC, PS3 and 360 versions of games they may get at some point. Fils-Aime excused the, in my opinion, massive gaffe by simply saying the system is a year away.

Now, call me crazy, but if I were one of the Big 3 console developers, one coming off a rough couple of years due to lack of 3rd party support (and consumer interest in general), our newest handheld not exactly setting the world on fire, and poised to make our first foray into the world of HD gaming, I would damn sure having SOMETHING worthwhile to show running on our own hardware.

But that’s just me.

Source: Kotaku


2 Responses

  1. Well there’s a lot more that goes into E3 presentations than you are allowing for. When E3 rolls around it creates a whole new crunch for developers, usually in the middle of a development cycle for a few games, or in this case a new console. They can only devote so much time and talent to the E3 presentation if they don’t want their overall console development to suffer, so I think they did the right thing. Better to have a presence at E3, be honest with the consumer about what you’re showing and what you are currently unable to show, and get them excited as the prospect of your new console, than to downplay the console and focus on things they actually have video of, and leave the industry wondering if they can compete. Unexpected, yes, but understandable all the same. Nintendo has no problem selling it’s products to it’s core fan base, and will continue to thrive based on that alone. I do hope to see more concrete stuff in the coming months, but I don’t fault them for what was a surprising turn of events.

  2. The problem was, there was nothing surprising about it.

    Everyone has known for months that work was being done on a new console, and that it would probably be officially announced at E3. Nintendo had plenty of time to get a 5 minute video showcasing THEIR games ready, but instead chose to “borrow” from every other system. Who knows, maybe all the rumors and supposed “leaks” forced their hand earlier than they had anticipated.

    Penny Arcade Expo is right around the corner, if Nintendo had kept quite and let Sony and MS have E3, they could have completely owned PAX.

    Either way, with the Wii U (Christ, what an awful name) more than a year out I think it would have served them better to keep quiet and actually have something substantial to show later.

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