Super Pokéfighter II Turbo Championship Edition Ultra EX Alpha

Yup, that’s a Pokémon fighting game. A beautifully animated, fan-made Pokémon fighting game, no less.

As a Pokémon fan from way back, I can safely say that I would buy this in a heartbeat. Why Nintendo never did this really is beyond me, as the series is kind of perfect for a proper fighting game. Can you imagine a completely hand animated, 2D plane, 1st generation Pokémon fighting/rpg hybrid with 120 characters? I can, oh you bet your ass I can, and it would be glorious.

Sadly, this will never be, as Nintendo decided to ruin the series years ago by adding approximately 138, 462 additional, useless creatures who are nowhere near as cool as the original 120.

Source: Kotaku


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