Playstation Vita dropping Nov. 4? (Also, Skype confirmed!)

Online UK retailer are currently listing the release date of the Playstation Vita as November 4th, so, take that for what it’s worth.

I’ve personally never heard of the site, and highly doubt the legitimacy of the date, but thing like this do happen. Companies often release information like this to retailers early, though one would imagine if Sony were to start sending out official dates they would make sure to caveat it with a “wait for our internal announcement before posting” clause. Or something.

Sony addressed the date when speaking to Gamespot UK, “No one has communicated any release dates to retail partners, that date is not official as we haven’t announced anything yet.”

We’ll see.

In other Vita news, it has been confirmed that the system will, like the PSP before it, be Skype enabled.

Many believed the Vita would not support Skype, as Microsoft recently purchased the company, so fans of the feature should be happy.

Source: GameInformer


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