New mod adds head-tracking, steadicam-like movement to Half Life

A gentleman called Torbensko has created a free game called Faceoff Paintball, which uses head-tracking and steadicam-like movement through the use of any standard webcam.

The game itself is fun enough, but the real bonus is the built-in mod adding the motion-tracking features to Half Life 2 (as well as Episodes 1 and 2). Being a skeptic of motion-based gaming, I tried the mod out for myself earlier today, and found (much to my surprise) that it work incredibly well. The mod requires no configuration, just install it and your good to go. Head tracking and steadicam jitter can be adjusted in-game, on-the-fly.

After spending the better part of the morning playing around with different maps, it seems to me that simple additions like this add a whole new depth to FPS’ without the need for overpriced, gimmicky controllers or useless add-ons. If you’ve got a webcam and a Steam copy of Half-Life 2, give it a shot, I think most will be surprised just how well it actually works.

Source: GameInformer


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