Calling Bullsh*t: PS4 in 2012

Today, several media outlets are reporting a rumor (presented as news) that production on the Playstation 4 will begin towards the end of the year, for release in 2012. Continue reading


Portal 2 “Songs to Test By” Volume 2 available NAOW!

If you’re anything like me (read: Obsessive about Portal 2) you’ve no doubt been listening to Volume One of Portal 2’s soundtrack on, more or less, a continuous loop.

Well, Good News for your ear holes, Volume Two is out today, right now, right HERE!

Volume Two is 18 tracks, clocking in at right around an hour of glorious test ambiance. If Valve follows the same release schedule for Volume Three, it should be out in about a month, completing the set.

Source: Valve via Kotaku