Resident Evil Chronicles HD incoming for PS3

This morning at the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Event taking place in Japan, Capcom has announced it is bringing both it’s previously Wii exclusive titles, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, to the PS3 with upgraded HD textures and full Move support.

The studio hasn’t yet provided a release date or pricing info, only noting that both games will be packaged together as Resident Evil Chronicles HD.

One can expect it to be a “budget” title, as with most Wii ports, coming in at around $39.99 (though that may be wishful thinking, as Darkside Chronicles didn’t sell anywhere near as well as expected). It is good to finally see Capcom bring these games to PS3, as they’re both pretty excellent titles, and this should give Resident Evil fans who don’t own a Wii something to chew (teehee) on until RE6 is announced.

Source: Joystiq via Andriasang


(Updated) Silent Hill HD Collection incoming

(Update: Konami has confirmed that the title will be a Playstation 3 exclusive, and that Silent Hill 2 will include all the additional content found in the Greatest Hits version)

Not sure how I missed this one.

Joystiq is reporting that Konami has remastered both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 in full HD for release this fall as the Silent Hill Collection. The disc is reported to be PS3 exclusive “for now”, according to the games’ producer, though Konami has not ruled out an eventual 360 release.

Konami sure is spreading the love with their HD remasters lately, so go ahead and add this one to your “must-have” lists, right next to the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders collections.