Playing Catch-up

First off, I want to apologize for the severe lack of news over the past weeks. I recently started a new job and, quite  honestly, have not had the time or energy to keep up with all the usual goings-ons.

Now that I’ve settled into a routine, everything should be back to normal around here soon, with the updates coming again fast and furious.

Look for new posts very, very soon. Until then, I’ll be in by bunk.


Calling Bullsh*t: PS4 in 2012

Today, several media outlets are reporting a rumor (presented as news) that production on the Playstation 4 will begin towards the end of the year, for release in 2012. Continue reading

Portal 2 “Songs to Test By” Volume 2 available NAOW!

If you’re anything like me (read: Obsessive about Portal 2) you’ve no doubt been listening to Volume One of Portal 2’s soundtrack on, more or less, a continuous loop.

Well, Good News for your ear holes, Volume Two is out today, right now, right HERE!

Volume Two is 18 tracks, clocking in at right around an hour of glorious test ambiance. If Valve follows the same release schedule for Volume Three, it should be out in about a month, completing the set.

Source: Valve via Kotaku

L.A. Noire’s troubled development, detailed

Before finally hitting shelves in mid-May, Team Bondi/Rockstar’s L.A. Noire had been in development for an astounding 7 years.

Now, thanks to Brisbane based journalist Andrew McMillen, we may finally have some idea why. Continue reading

Team Fortress 2 is FREE!

Speaking with the website Develop, Valve’s Robin Walker has revealed that the massively popular, insanely awesome Team Fortress 2 has gone free-to-play, forever and ever (amen).

Good news, surely, for folk who have never played Valve’s lovely little FPS. The new F2P model is split into Free and Premium accounts, the latter being for players who had purchased the game prior to the switch or who have made a purchase of any amount in the Mann Co. Store.

The Team Fortress 2 Free-2-Play FAQ, detailing everything, can be found HERE.

Source: Kotaku

New mod adds head-tracking, steadicam-like movement to Half Life

A gentleman called Torbensko has created a free game called Faceoff Paintball, which uses head-tracking and steadicam-like movement through the use of any standard webcam.

The game itself is fun enough, but the real bonus is the built-in mod adding the motion-tracking features to Half Life 2 (as well as Episodes 1 and 2). Continue reading

Playstation Vita dropping Nov. 4? (Also, Skype confirmed!)

Online UK retailer are currently listing the release date of the Playstation Vita as November 4th, so, take that for what it’s worth.

I’ve personally never heard of the site, and highly doubt the legitimacy of the date, but thing like this do happen. Companies often release information like this to retailers early, though one would imagine if Sony were to start sending out official dates they would make sure to caveat it with a “wait for our internal announcement before posting” clause. Or something.

Sony addressed the date when speaking to Gamespot UK, “No one has communicated any release dates to retail partners, that date is not official as we haven’t announced anything yet.”

We’ll see.

In other Vita news, it has been confirmed that the system will, like the PSP before it, be Skype enabled.

Many believed the Vita would not support Skype, as Microsoft recently purchased the company, so fans of the feature should be happy.

Source: GameInformer